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Owning The Sea

Owning The Sea with a Teak Boat Dining Table

Be the captain of the ship from the comfort of your own home with this dining table made from recycled teak wood fishing boats. These kitchen tables are crafted in small rural seaside villages on the island of Java by craftsmen that have often been making furniture for several generations. This piece has its sea legs and is now ready for the voyage to your dining room. The wind will always be to your back as you sail for the horizon with this unique piece. The set and drift of this piece is truly one-of-a-kind; no two pieces are alike in the world.


Rita shared these warm photos showcasing her new Rectangular Dining Table Made From Recycled Teak Wood Boats.
She writes, "You asked for some pictures of our table and we finally got the room set up. We love, love, love our table. We tried to make it the focal point of our apartment."

Also available in Counter and Bar Height and in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

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