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3 Unique Teak Root Ball Tables That Are Real Head Turners

Our original teak root tables have been so popular, we've introduced a line of root ball tables that are sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.  All of our root balls are sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable teak plantations in Indonesia where the highest quality teak wood is grown.  Each root ball is carefully excavated, expertly sanded and meticulously finished with a clear lacquer coat. You won't find root ball tables of this quality anywhere else.  

Each teak root ball table includes a round glass top which is held in place by premium stainless steel fasteners. We have teak root ball tables in three different sizes: 24", 35" and 39" round. Each one showcases the amazing honey tone colors teak wood is known for and they look great no matter your decorating style.  The tight wood grains are really brought to life with the clear lacquer coat and it's easy to see the painstaking work that was done to bring these tables to life.

Teak Root Ball Table with 35" or 39" Glass Top 

Perfect size for a coffee table, these root ball tables are large enough to be used in front of couches, love seats and chairs. Being the center of attention is this table's specialty and your guests will love it.  The glass top is easy to keep clean and large enough to accommodate your laptop, books, magazines, drinks and more.  Other teak wood dealers are envious of our ability to bring these amazing tables to life and showcase the one-of-a-kind root balls.

Teak Root Ball Table with 39" Glass Top


Teak Root Ball Table with 35" Glass Top

Root Ball with 35" Glass


Teak Root Ball Table with 24" Glass Top 

This root ball table is small enough to be used as a side table or coffee table for bedroom or room where space is limited. Place it next to a sofa or bed to keep all your necessities like a cell phone, e-reader and more close at hand.  There's no doubt this awesome little table will draw your eye every time you enter the room. 

 Teak Root Ball Table with 24" Glass Top


Rest assured, all of our teak root ball tables are 100% environmentally friendly and hand sculpted, sanded and finished by skilled artisans who have been doing this for generations.  The glass tops are shatter resistant and strong enough to hold all of your items. The glass top fasteners are made from high strength stainless steel and will never fail.  Chic Teak is one of the largest teak dealers in the nation and we pass our wholesale savings on to you, the customer.  Not only will you not find better quality teak products anywhere else, but you'll also never pay premium prices.


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